Hi, I’m Baron Fendler and welcome to my Author Page!

How to Write an Amazing IT Resume is my first book, and so far, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. The book has received rave reviews from IT recruiters and hiring managers, and has climbed into the top 20 resume books on Amazon in multiple weeks, which is extraordinary for a book that focuses on such a small niche within its category. This book is finally filling a hole that has existed in the marketplace for a long time.

I’ve been working in IT for twenty-five years, and have been both hiring manager and job seeker numerous times. This book grew out of my work as an IT project manager years ago. Our management team was trying to staff up a large project, and as we threw resume after resume into the trash, I wondered if candidates ever thought about why they were being passed over. For many candidates, had they presented their resumes just a bit differently, they would have landed an interview, and maybe the job too.

What the IT world really needed was a simple A to Z guide on writing an IT resume.

How to Write an Amazing IT Resume is exactly that book! This book isn’t just a single author’s opinion. It’s the result of a ton of research, including sit-down interviews with IT recruiters and hiring managers. And it’s not just vague theoretical concepts. The book is filled with practical advice and real-world examples that you can apply immediately.

So when it’s time to brush up your resume, you can go out and surf career blogs to pick up some free advice. You’ll end up spending all day (I know from experience!), and by the end of the day, you’ll have as many questions as answers. Or you can order a copy of How to Write an Amazing IT Resume. You’ll get a guide that walks through the whole process from A to Z, includes plenty of relevant IT examples, and is strongly endorsed by IT recruiters and hiring managers. I hope you’ll give the book a try.

Happy job hunting!


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